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  • Found a room that you want to rent on our website for your arrival in, but you’re confused about when the payment will start for the rent

Understanding the rental process with Chez Nestor 🏠

Chez Nestor updates its available rooms on the website based on their current tenant’s departure notice; and as soon as we have finished new renovations. Our rooms are booked from our website on a first-come, first-serve basis, you can stay in the rooms for a month minimum, and after as long as you want! 

Your monthly rent is flexible and continues from one month to the next unless you give us your departure notice 👌. So when we publish new rooms depends on when our tenants decide to leave. 

Due to the flexible nature of our contracts, we are unable to block bedrooms for a certain period of time, as it's up to our tenants when they leave.

When will my rent begin? 💳

When we post a room to our website, the date of availability marks the date from when the room can potentially be occupied from. So, if you have found a room that you like, take care to look at the date of availability, as this will indicate the date from when you will begin to pay the rent. 


If the room is available after the 1st day of the month then the first month’s rent is calculated pro-rata.

For example, if you see a room which says “Available from 08/08”, your rent will begin from the 08/08, you can move into the room any day from the 08/08


If the room is “Available Now” then the rent will start from the date you secure the room, and the first month’s rent is calculated pro-rata.

For example, if you see a room that is “Available now” and you secure it on the 08/08, your rent will begin on the 08/08, and you can move in any day from the date you secured it under your name.

(If you click on the button “Rent this bedroom” on the page of the room you like, and follow the steps indicated, you will be able to see exactly how much you will be expected to pay, and when these payments are due on Step 1 of the "Rental Summary" of the room.)

You might still be wondering “But why should I have to pay weeks in advance of rent if I’m not even living there yet?”.  

To explain, once you have secured the room, you can move into it any time after the room is available, if it’s “Available Now” you could even move in the same night that you secured it! 👏 No one else can set foot in this room from the date that it is available to you, to the date that you want to move in. Essentially, from the date of availability the room is all yours, so therefore you are expected to pay the rent.

Consider your options

Following on from the global pandemic Covid-19, Chez Nestor saw nearly half of its tenants flee to their home country. And if you haven't noticed already, this has left us with a lot more rooms available on our website than normal. In order to get back on track following from the pandemic, we decided to make changes to our prices:

  • All prices of rent have dropped significantly (by 8-10%), this means you can secure a bedroom for a fraction of the price - in fact, they are the cheapest they have ever been!

With these changes in mind, here are the two options to consider for your arrival:

  1. Secure and rent a room a few of weeks ahead of your arrival:
  • Pros 🎉: You have a lot more choice of accommodation (location, size, rent) based on the lower levels of demand, and you can be sure to secure the room that you like! This also makes looking for your accommodation a lot less stressful. 
  • Due to the changes, the rent is a lot cheaper than rooms available in August/September and will stay this price all year round (our rent increases according to demand, which reaches its peak in August/ September).
  • It is possible that we offer reductions to the service fee, to help compensate for rent paid in advance
  • If you're planning on staying in the accommodation for a few months, reserving your bedroom in advance could mean massive financial benefits in the long run!
  • Cons 🚫: You will have to pay a few weeks of rent in advance without living there.

2. Wait to see if we have rooms that match your arrival better:

  • Pros 🎉: you can create an alert with us to regularly check the list of availabilities, and wait a few more weeks to finalize your reservation, meaning you won’t have to pay any rent in advance.
  • Cons 🚫 : You take the risk in seeing the rooms that you were set on being booked by other people one after the other.
  • It will be a period of high demand, and as soon as we publish new rooms to the site they will most likely be reserved within the hour, giving you less time to reflect on the room you like. 
  • There is a chance that there won't even be any rooms available around August/ September. This means you could have to find alternative Airbnb/ Hotel solutions for at least a month prior to booking (which is more expensive than securing in advance)
  • The rent will most likely be more expensive than a room reserved a few weeks in advance and will stay that way throughout your stay. If you're planning on staying for a few months, waiting before reserving may not represent long term saving. 
  • We will not be able to offer the same level of reductions to our service fees.

(If you choose to create an alert we will come back to you in the coming weeks if there are any availabilities that match your arrival better)

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Don't hesitate to get in touch with our representatives if you require any further information ! You can contact us via chat, email: [email protected] and tel: 00 33 (0) 9 72 32 31 02 

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