You are about to make a request for emergency response from our team:

If our agency is open (Mon - Fri, 9AM to 6PM), reach [email protected] and mention your phone number in the e-mail.
If our agency is closed, make sure your request is urgent before following that procedure.

Here are the situations we have listed as URGENT :

  1. You cannot enter your home because you lost your key / left your key inside and already checked the following link
  2. You no longer have electricity in the apartment, and you have already tested the following instructions.
  3. You have a plumbing problem / a large water leak and already followed that help page.

For these cases and only, you can request an intervention from our partner (see links bellow)

Here is the procedure to follow :

  1. Click on the link corresponding to the problem you are facing.
  2. Fill in your address, your phone number, and your email so that the technician can intervene.
  3. Wait at your apartment until the arrival of the technician.

The costs of the intervention are systematically advanced by Chez Nestor, you have nothing to pay to the craftsman.
However, if, as a result of the intervention, the technician identifies that the cause of the problem is related to misuse, Chez Nestor reserves the right to charge you part of the bill.

Here are the links for the 6 potential emergencies:

  1. Opening a slammed single door
  2. Opening a single door locked
  3. Opening a slammed security door
  4. Opening a locked locked door
  5. Major plumbing / leak problem
  6. Power failure throughout the apartment

Careful, the door opening can be supported by Chez Nestor but lock replacement must be done with our approval.

Your request is an emergency but doesn't match any of the above mentioned issues? Then you can contact us at:

Warning: any abusive call will be charged 49 €.
Such as:

  • Non registered check in or registered out of working hours (submitted on the week end).
  • Key issue but flatmates' support possible
  • Apartment access : refer to your check in email where you have access to your apartment explanation document or ask to your flatmates.
  • Personal matters : issue with your flatmates, neighbors, caretaker...
  • Internet issue
  • Furniture or equipment issue

    All these situation are handled by our support team during our opening hours. Please send us the related information to [email protected]

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