I can't open the door:

Sometimes, our doors are secure or a bit worn. To have the information on your apartment, please get back to your apartment listing.

Technical issue with my door:

I lost my keys?

  • To get a quick access to your flat, contact one of your flatmate.
  • Then, contact our support team to make us aware of the situation and you'll follow 2 different options :

Option 1 : Our team can manage the reproduction of your key set and give it to you asap. Average time for reproduction is 48 hours but special keys can take up to 3 weeks. So be sure the key set is really lost. The key set will be given by a key safe.

Option 2 : We can lend you our key set of the apartment during 48 hours for you to manage the reproduction. You avoid service fee and can save with that strategy.

  • If you are alone in the apartment and are locked out there are 2 different options :

Option 1 : Contact a locker-smith at your charge to open the door. If the lock needs to be replaced the needed number of keys will also be produce at your charge.

For a lock replacement, wait for our green light. Do not sign any lock replacement quote or the intervention will be at your charge.

Option 2 : Wait until opening hours to get a key lend.

I broke the keys in my door lock?

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