Can I move to another bedroom with Chez Nestor?

Yes, we offer another housing alternative which enables you to swap accommodations at anytime.

Your support team will be there to assist you in all the steps, however you should know that this is not a trivial procedure, it generates additional costs and time for our teams.

In order to proceed to the room switch, it will be necessary to go through these different steps:

1 / Contact Nestor

2 / Get in touch with the booking team

3 / Inventory of your current room.

4 / Access to new housing


1 / Contact Nestor:

In order to inform us of your wish to change your home within Chez Nestor, we invite you to contact our support team by email at: [email protected] , to talk together about your situation.

2 / Connection with the reservation team:

You will then be redirected to our booking team. She will propose you the available rooms of the moment, which correspond to your criteria.

Things to know before you start:

  • The relocation process will incur administrative costs.
  • 30 days notice prior to departure is not required.
  • The rent of your actual room will stop on the date of your check out and the rent of your new room will begin on the date of availability of this one.
  • You will not have a second deposit to pay.
  • When you find a room that meets your expectations, the booking team will send you an email with a code that will allow you to book your new room on our website.

3 / Inventory of your current room

We will then invite you to fill out a form to agree on the date and time of your check-out. An agent will come to meet you in the room to establish an inventory.

You will not have to respect the 30-day notice period.

4 / Access to new accommodation.

Then come the moment to get your new keys to access your new home! For this, we will invite you to fill out a form which will allow us to plan your arrival.

Our support team will issue you a new contract, as well as a new inventory of your new bedroom, to be signed electronically.

Before you can access your new home, all your bills must be paid and your documents signed.

You will then receive a final email with all the details you will need to move into your new accommodation! :)

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to come back to your support team who will gladly help you at [email protected]!

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