1 - To register your check out appointment please go to your last rent payment email and follow the link "Give your departure notice".
Your check out will only be registered once the form is completed and transmitted to our team.

To avoid extra fees please respect a 30 days delay between the request and the actual meeting.
Here are the fees provided for :

  • Over 30 days in advance : free

  • 29 to 20 days : 179€

  • 19 to 10 days : 379€

  • 9 to 1 days : 579€

Check out meetings should be scheduled from Monday to Friday between 9AM and 6PM to avoid an additional 149€ extra fee.

2- Checkout is a very important part of your stay. It insure that the next tenant will find an apartment and room in good condition. Also, a clean apartment means no intervention from us to prepare it for the next tenant, and these interventions are your responsibility - as the state of the apartment is yours as well.

My bedroom:

When a member of our team comes to your accommodation to carry out your check-out, your bedroom should be in exactly the same state as it was when you arrived. None of your belongings should still be in your room - if you would like to leave your belongings for the next tenant in the accommodation, you may ask the member of our team who does your check-out if it is appropriate to leave them in storage spaces in the hallway.

You must also make sure that your bedroom is impeccably clean and tidy. This entails:

  • Washing your duvet and mattress cover (if you have one), and wiping down your pillows, wash the pillow cases and mattress.

  • Wiping down all of the surfaces in your room with a sponge or wet wipe (tables, chairs, windowsills etc.)

  • Vacuuming the floor in your room, including underneath the bed (you will need to move your bed) and over and underneath your carpet. You should then remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner and go over the skirting all around the room, going into every nook and cranny, to ensure that there is no dust or grime.

  • Cleaning the inside of your waste basket to ensure that there is no debris

  • Dusting all of the furniture in your bedroom (sofa, lamps etc.) and cleaning the window panes.

If you need to replace an item of furniture or a lightbulb, please contact us before your check-out. We will then send you a link so that you can replace the item yourself at a lower price, rather than being charged for it when we do your check-out.

Common areas:

We understand that when you do your check-out, there are often still other tenants in your accommodation. In this case, it is up to all of you to make sure that your common areas are clean and tidy when you do your check-out; your flatmates will have to do the same when they do their check-out, and it is in their interest to keep the apartment in good condition.

 Please ensure that:

  • the floor and skirting are stain and dust-free all over the apartment

  • in the kitchen: the cooking plates, oven and microwave have been wiped clean; there are no marks on the inside of the refridgerator, and there is enough space to accommodate the next tenant; there are no stains on top of the bin.

  • in the bathroom and WC: the shower, toilet and sink are clean.

If an item of furniture or lightbulb needs replacing, it is up to all of you to replace it. If a significant item is missing or damaged, the costs to replace it will be split between all of you.

Reminder : You have a 30-day prior notice before leaving your apartment. We greatly encourage our tenants to respect this delay to avoid being charged with late notice fees.

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